"What is Paintless Dent Removal?"

It's the art of removing minor dings, dents, creases or hail damage from the body of a car, while maintaining the integrity of it's factory paint finish. It's a metal working technique that requires skill, precision and patience.

"How does Paintless Dent Removal work?"  

Through the use of specialized tools, technicians gain access to the inside of a cars body panel to gently push the metal back to its original state. Access is usually achieved through window and door panel openings. Glue tabs, knock down tools, LED lighting boards and more make this technique and industry more popular everyday.

When your car gets hit by an object, a shallow dent may result that many times does not chip or crack the cars paint. These unsightly dings and dents can vary in size and shape but in most cases Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can be performed. Depending on the depth and severity, most quality paintless dent removal technicians can bring quarter and sometimes basketball size dents or indentations back to their original condition.

Does that mean PDR can fix all types of damage? No, not all dents and damgage can be fixed to perfection. This is especially true for dents that feature severely cracked or damaged paint, sharp creases, heavy body damage.

Paintless dent repair doesn't require painting and is typically 70% cheaper than traditional body shops. Again, since it's “Paintless” dent repair, there’s no risk of incorrect color matching or overspray. Keeping your cars original paint and color when possible is always smart. This process generally saves customers serious time and money.

Professional, certified, highly skilled paintless dent removal technicians have mobilized and are happy to come to your home or office. In most cases, they're able to provide same day service and see most jobs taking between 1 and 2 hours.


"I can't believe my eyes...my car looks brand new."
Lee Nguyen. ~ Irvine, CA

"This definitely increased my cars resale value. Plus, it was very convenient and affordable."
Jackie Mitchell. ~ Austin, TX

"My door dings botherd me for a long time, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner."
Carlos Ruis. ~ Orlando, FL

"This guy pulled out some funny looking tools, but within 45 minutes, my dings were gone."
Tammy Klein. ~ Nashville, TN

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